A group of creatives found themselves craving a space where they could gather, collaborate, and find inspiration. They were looking for a community that understood their artistic passions, and will to create something new.

Within the enchanting embrace of our sanctuary and beyond, we offer artists of all kinds a resplendent haven—a sacred realm where inspiration intertwines with rejuvenation, birthing a tapestry of beauty and boundless creativity. We converge artists from every corner of the globe, fostering a vibrant community that transcends borders and genres. With open arms, we provide a nurturing space for networking and connection, where kindred spirits unite, exchanging ideas, forging collaborations, and weaving the threads of artistic destiny. 

Yet, we aspire to go beyond the traditional notions of art on canvas or in books, for within our sanctuary, art is a symphony of stories, experiences, and transformative moments that transcend the confines of the tangible. With unwavering commitment, we champion the growth of artists, nurturing their talents, and propelling their artistic journey to new heights. From the depths of our essence, we strive to create a sanctuary that not only fuels artistic expression but also serves as a sanctuary for artists to unwind, recharge their spirits, and craft extraordinary masterpieces that resonate with the human soul.


Yentl Spiteri & Emma Maria Calleja – founders
Ritty Tacsum
Pat Vella
Cinzia Cioffi
Von Peach Team 

Step into a world where art enthusiasts gather to embrace creativity, explore new horizons, and forge meaningful connections. 

The Bored Peach Club invites you to join a community like no other, where your passion for art is celebrated and nurtured.

As a member of the Bored Peach Club, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of perks and privileges that elevate your artistic journey. Immerse yourself in a world of inspiration with exclusive invites to exhibitions, international events,  granting you early access and special previews of captivating new exhibits and artwork. Gain entry to the inner sanctum of creativity with invitations to special events and intimate studio visits, where you can interact with talented artists and witness their creative processes firsthand. As a true patron of the arts, the Bored Peach Club understands the importance of supporting artists. That’s why we offer a lower commission rate on the sales of artworks for our club artist members, ensuring they receive the recognition and compensation they deserve.

Submitting the online form does not guarantee forming part of the club. Each application is carefully selected by our team. If succesful, our team will be in touch.