Meet Jessica DeMers

Jessica DeMers is a storyteller who explores the relationships between tales and the human experience inspired by myth, personal stories, deep inward reflection and the power of sound.Born in America, DeMers studied at the University of Finlandia in the USA, earning a four-year BFA with honours in 2011. She has lived and displayed artwork worldwide and continues to encourage us to reflect on our own personal narratives.
Chelsea Muscat

Jessica will embark on the creation of the largest painting for her first solo exhibition in April. The photographer she is collaborating with, will complete a short film to accompany Jessica’s painting.

Throughout her residency, Jessica plans to facilitate a life drawing session with a mythology theme for local artists. Drawing on her experience as a seasoned life-drawing model, she will not only pose but also bring props and music to ignite the narrative and inspire the artistic process.

Join us at BPC for a creative life drawing session with experienced life model and American artist, Jessica DeMers.
Jessica will be curating a scene with a mythological theme using props, costumes, dramatic lighting and inspirational music. The two-and-a-half hours starts with a series of short warm-up poses, gradually increasing the time to half an hour for the final pose.
This includes a 30-minute break for refreshments and a chat.
Please make sure to bring your own materials to this session.
The body of work that will be on show is an exploration of the abstract and the figurative to make a cohesive balance of order and chaos.
By blending these two, emotional narratives can be told more effectively with expressive brushstrokes as well as relatable imagery.  Regular visiting hours – Weekdays 15:00 – 19:00

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