Artists in residence
May 2024

Meet Mieke and Francesca, the dynamic duo of artistic innovation, specialising in set design, sculpture, and textile art, taking over the Bored Peach Club in May 2024. Their passion for crafting captivating set designs for final performances finds a perfect outlet in the vibrant atmosphere of this renowned sanctuary for creativity.
Chelsea Muscat
Klonn Bored Peach Club Drag Artist

Mieke Buddenberg, also known under her Artist Name  Make Mieke, is a dynamic set design and visual artist based in Malta and Berlin. With a passion for hands-on creativity, she thrives on bringing her imaginative visions to life. Upbringing  in the picturesque island of Gozo, Mieke draws inspiration from the simplicity of life and the beauty of nature that surrounded her upbringing.

Her artistic journey has been deeply rooted in the realms of film and Theater, with contributions to renowned institutions such as Volksbühne Berlin and productions  such as Gladiator 2. Mieke’s artistic focus lies in textile art and Watercolours, where she masterfully explores the intersection of these both mediums.

In her works, Mieke delves into themes of femininity, the enchanting interplay of colours, and the manifestation of her inner world. Her creations embody a captivating blend of craftsmanship and artistic expression, reflecting a profound connection to her surroundings and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

As she embarks on an artistic residency, Mieke Buddenberg promises to continue weaving narratives that transcend boundaries, inviting audiences to step into the immersive tapestry of her creative universe

Mieke and Francesca

Francesca Mercieca, a renowned interdisciplinary artist, is celebrated for her meticulous attention to detail and impeccable composition.

Transitioning into commercial endeavors for brands like H&M, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s, she deepened her commitment to excellence, infusing cultural sensitivity and realism into every project. With a comprehensive understanding of various disciplines, Francesca seamlessly incorporates raw mediums and techniques into her work, creating immersive experiences that resonate deeply with audiences. Her debut at the Galleria Biffi D’Arte in Piacenza, Italy, marked a pivotal moment, earning her critical acclaim and prestigious awards.

Continuously evolving her practice, she shifts between disciplines, adapting her process to suit each project’s demands. Through her art, Francesca sparks unconventional dialogues and shares the beauty found in the smallest intricacies of the world.

Mieke and Francesca

Duo Photos by Lara Facchinetti – https://www.instagram.com/shotbylarita/