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Victor Agius dwells amidst the whispers of ancient stones and the secrets of Ġgantija Temples and the Xagħra Stone Circle, where time dances in echoes from 3,600 B.C. on the mystical island of Gozo, Malta. As a nomadic artist, he wanders through this ethereal landscape, serving as a custodian of rituals and a gatherer of clay and earth from the excavations of progress, harnessing both the light and shadow of existence.

His works have graced esteemed venues such as the National Museum of Fine Arts and Valletta Contemporary Gallery, while the UNESCO World Heritage site Ġgantija Temples and the Mdina Cathedral Biennale echo his artistic resonance. Beyond borders, his creations have captivated audiences from Agius also exhibited internationally in galleries such as the St Eufemia Gallery in Venice, the Lauba Gallery in Zagreb, Eduardo Secci Gallery in Florence, the Ceramic Context in Bornholm Art Museum in Denmark, the Feanza Prize at the Museo Internazionale della Ceramica in Faenza Italy and at the Bonifacio Ceramics Biennale in Corsica France.

Guided by his belief in the sacred bond between humanity and the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth, Agius fashions his creations through a symphony of sculpture, painting, video, performance, and installation.

Victor Agius, ‘Formless’ Mixed media, oils and charcoal on board, 50x40cm. Photo by Daniel Cilia.

2014. Pulverem performance, Lauba gallery, Zagreb. Curated by Marko Stamenkovic

In May 2019, Agius’s art moved beyond galleries to find a home in a public space. His 40-tonne boulders, titled ‘Ħaġarna,’ transformed the Xagħra playing field, bridging the connection between the artist and the community. The transformation included a mesmerizing performance by villagers of all ages, featuring rituals, walks, dances, literature, contemporary music, and co-creation.

Hero image and 2d image: Ggantija Project, photo by Daniel Cilia.
Instagram: victor__agius


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