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Residency Details: 

June 2023

Who is Yun Cai?

Born in Guangzhou, China, Yun Cai is a pianist and composer, currently living and composing in Europe.

Yun was exposed to classical piano at the age of 4. After passing the piano level 10 at the age of 15, she began to play drums. She graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music in Multimedia & Visual Design. Before going abroad, Yun has accumulated rich performance creation experience in different music fields. Invited by Udancecn, the first 24/7 electronic music radio station in the Chinese-speaking region, to host a weekly exclusive music program, and co-create and release music with producer Conrank. Join the documentary interview “Shanghai Underground Electronic Music Theme” to interview different music producer predecessors including B6, Chacha, Gaz, and cooperate with Belgian electronic music leader Mumbai Science, French hip-hop music originator DJ Cut Killer and other artists. In 2013, she went to Spain for further studies and served as the keyboard player for Madrid’s alternative rock band NURK. Touring in Spain and releasing studio albums. Later on, she composed the theme song for the commercial short film of the famous Belgian director Jaco Van Dormael and so on.

In 2016, she moved to Malta and actively devoted her art to more public works and personal neo-classical improvisation and performance: composing and performing the theme song for Lovin Malta’s International Women’s Day event. In 2021, she was invited to be the coronation ceremony of the Royal Order of St. John of Malta as the appointed pianist. Over the past few years, she has cooperated with the Malta Historical Heritage Organization, the National Museum of Malta, the Malta Cultural Centre, the Malta Heritage Foundation and the Chinese Cultural Center for various contemporary piano improvisation projects. Yun was the organizer and piano performer within these projects, together with artists, designers, and creators in many fields, showing the most authentic and free perception with avant-garde artistic and experimental interpretation methods. In an impromptu way, combining space, architecture, sound and art. She has been invited to perform in major cities in China, including individual concert series held in different pioneer buildings in Aranya. Currently active in Europe and China.

Yun Cai’s Residency

Our inaugural artist-in-residence, the pianist and composer Yun Cai. We embarked on an enchanting journey with this musical virtuoso, as she graced the walls of the Bored Peach Club.

During her stay, Yun Cai immersed herself in an ethereal cocoon of inspiration, allowing her senses to intertwine with the vibrant atmosphere of the Bored Peach Club. Within this sacred haven, her musical spirit was set ablaze, giving birth to a symphony of innovation and emotion.

As the residency unfolded, we witnessed the alchemical process of creation, as Yun Cai’s imagination wove intricate melodies at the house and beyond.

Through this remarkable opportunity, the Bored Peach Club was privileged to provide Yun Cai with an environment that nurtured her artistic vision.

We joined in on this awe-inspiring journey as we discovered the transformative power of artistry, guided by the hands of a maestro who dared to dream beyond imagination.


Thanks to the Xaghra Parish Church, and Atelier Carla Grima.

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