Chelsea Muscat

11th October – 7pm
Bored Peach Club, Xaghra, Gozo

Artist-in-residence Chelsea Muscat will be screening a selection of short films and music videos from over the last few years, from her more known work such as Lost Kid Wanderer to her more lowkey films such as the Italian short Cambiare shot in Calabria earlier this summer. The screenings will showcase her versatility, poetic nature and attention to detail versing from heartbreak to celebrating the beauty of her homeland.


(These are in no particular order)
1. Searching For The Wave (15 mins)
2. Cambiare(4 minutes)
3. Gozo Salt Pans (2 mins)
4. Lost Kid Wanderer (9 mins)
5. Summer of Longing (7 mins)
6. Reassurance (3 mins)
7. Friends Music Video (3 mins)
Surprise Feature Film: 8:30pm – 10:30pm