The upcoming event at Bored Peach Club offers guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the ongoing artworks produced during Victor Agius’s residency. Witness the remarkable transformation of one of the farmhouse’s halls into an art studio, a testament to his dedication to artistic exploration. Throughout the evening, Agius will join forces with Composer Mariella Cassar Cordina, crafting a unique artistic presentation enriched by an experimental and semi-improvised performance. Attendees will be actively encouraged to participate and become co-creators in this captivating experience. Additionally, this event holds special significance as it commemorates the 10th anniversary of the Ġgantija 2013 project, a collaborative endeavor between Victor Agius, author Immanuel Mifsud, and the Ars Vitae Ensemble, which took place at the temples in Xaghra.

29 September 2023 – 7.30pm onwards
Bored Peach Club, Xaghra, Gozo

Victor Agius. photo by Alan Carville

Victor Agius

Victor Agius dwells amidst the whispers of ancient stones and the secrets of Ġgantija Temples and the Xagħra Stone Circle, where time dances in echoes from 3,600 B.C. on the mystical island of Gozo, Malta. As a nomadic artist, he wanders through this ethereal landscape, serving as a custodian of rituals and a gatherer of clay and earth from the excavations of progress, harnessing both the light and shadow of existence.

His works have graced esteemed venues such as the National Museum of Fine Arts and Valletta Contemporary Gallery, while the UNESCO World Heritage site Ġgantija Temples and the Mdina Cathedral Biennale echo his artistic resonance. Beyond borders, his creations have captivated audiences from Agius also exhibited internationally in galleries such as the St Eufemia Gallery in Venice, the Lauba Gallery in Zagreb, Eduardo Secci Gallery in Florence, the Ceramic Context in Bornholm Art Museum in Denmark, the Feanza Prize at the Museo Internazionale della Ceramica in Faenza Italy and at the Bonifacio Ceramics Biennale in Corsica France.

dr mariella cassar cordina

Mariella Cassar-Cordina is a composer specialising in acoustic and electroacoustic music, as well as an educator. She earned her bachelor’s degree in music education and a postgraduate diploma in Education Administration and Management from the University of Malta. In 2005, she achieved an M. Phil in Music from the Mediterranean Institute at the University of Malta. She continued her studies at Falmouth University, Dartington College of Arts, UK, where she obtained a doctorate in Music composition in 2014, supervised by Christopher Best, Trevor Wiggins, and David Prior. Her thesis, titled “Creative Responses to Maltese Culture and Identity: Case Study and Portfolio of Compositions,” is published on PEARL, the online research repository for the University of Plymouth, UK.

Cassar-Cordina is not only a composer but also a skilled violinist and cellist, composing solo, chamber, and full-orchestral works. She collaborates with various Maltese and international artists, including musicians of the Fisarchi ensemble (Italy), viola player Martha Mooke (US), composer Joel Thome in partnership with Orchestra of Our Time Inc. (US), Maltese pianist Tricia Dawn Williams, and visual artists Victor Agius and Ruth Bianco. Her works have been performed worldwide, including in Malta, Manchester, Bristol, Florence, Montepulciano, Austria, Prague, Lithuania, and New York City (US).

Additionally, Cassar-Cordina has served as a jury member at international singing festivals, such as the Malta International Choir Festival in 2011. She holds the position of Education Officer for Music in Malta and works as a lecturer at the University of Malta. She is the founder of the Malta Association of Music Educators (MAME) and co-founder of Ars Vitae Ensemble and ARTIMUZI, integrating diverse influences from her experiences in education and music composition into her creative work.

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