13th April 2024, 6pm
196 Victoria Road, Woodstock, Cape Town


Air – April 2024

Resident Klonn

Event – April 2024

Shibari Workshop – South Africa

Clown Drag Make-Up – Klonn

Air – March 2024 

Resident Jessica DeMers

Event – January

Cooking Class by Chef Ping

Air – November

Exhibition – OCTOBER

Bodies in colour by Stef  Galea


Resident Chelsea Muscat

Resident Stephanie Galea


Film Screenings by Chelsea Muscat


Live DJ set by Hearts Beating in Time

Residency Reflection – Collaboration between Victor Agius and
Dr Mariela Cassar-Cordina


Victor Agius

AIR – AUgust

Architect / Designer Anna Horvath


Music Resident – Joon


Vintage Weekend at the Bored Peach Club

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