Presenting the winners of our Lost at Sea residency. Due to the abundance of submissions, we’ve chosen to recognise three artists representing diverse disciplines: Sarah Shaw, known for her fine art paintings; Thomas Buckley, a visual artist specialising in AR/VR; and Pelvyca, an art duo hailing from Brazil, composed of Luciana Pontes and Bruna Castra, known for their work in installations, happenings, and poetry.

Keep an eye out for further updates as we unveil additional information on their residency.

Thomas Buckley

An alumni fellow of The Royal Shakespeare Company and currently associate artist at Portsmouth Guildhall, Thomas makes work exploring the potential of XR and emergent technologies in drawing out our humanity. Alongside leading projects that combine sensory practice and new media Thomas works with marginalised groups, putting their stories at the forefront of this new artform. Thomas works with AR, VR, projection, theatre and immersive practices.


We are pelvyca, a Brazilian art duo created by Luciana Pontes and Bruna Castra that works with installations, happenings and poetry. pelvyca create installations where the artistic environment is made to create an atmosphere in which the audience is an active participant and part of the work of art. The duo is based in Argentina and Portugal, though they have already worked in countries such as Croatia, Greece, Spain and Uruguay.

Sarah Shaw

Sarah graduated from Falmouth College of Art with a first class honours degree in Fine Art Painting. Her work has become increasingly sought after and resides in many collections including that of Ronnie Wood and one of her own personal musical heroes, Thom Yorke. Her enigmatic and sensitive paintings had been used for a number of album covers including the band Daughter with their 2016 album, ‘Not to disappear’. She works from her studio in Brighton, UK.