13th April 2024, 6pm
196 Victoria Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

On Saturday, April 13th, get ready to be tantalisingly tied up in an evening of enchantment and discovery at Bound.
Embark on a seductive journey into the realm of kink, engaging in open-hearted conversations that unravel the mysteries of desire. Be captivated by the intricate artistry of Shibari in our interactive workshop. Hosted by Shibari South Africa. The language of ropes will leave you spellbound in the run up to a mesmerising performance of knots, twists and visual tapestry.

Savour the night at our opulent bar, nestled within the alluring walls of 196 Victoria Road, Woodstock, Cape Town. This creative haven, housed in a vintage Tudor-style hotel, is where sophistication and mystery collide. Here, you can also feast your eyes on some provocative artworks by Bored Peach Club and treat your taste buds to the delightful offerings of Plushi Sushi available to order.

During the evening, there will also be a pop-up exhibition featuring the works of Bored Peach Club represented artists.

What to expect:

Interactive conversation around Kink
3min group games
Intro to Shibari / Bondage
Shibari Performance by Bryony Leech
Pop up art by BPC
Pop up Kink Shop by Whipped Vanilla
⁠Plushi Sushi
⁠Stocked Bar
⁠Vinyl DJ in the evening & dancing

Whether you’re a single heart or a coupled spark, you’re warmly invited to Bound, where restraint and desire intertwine.

Date: 13th april, 6pm – late
Location:  196 Victoria Road, Woodstock, Cape Town
Price: R350

Terms & Conditions

Please note tickets are non refundable.

By purchasing a ticket and participating in Bound, you acknowledge and understand that rope activities inherently involve risk. While our instructor will take all necessary precautions to ensure safety, by attending, you agree that you are participating at your own risk, and the organizers, instructors, and venue will not be held liable for any injuries sustained during the event.

Questions Answered

1) Do I need a partner to attend?

Absolutely not, we encourage couples and singles. It’s curated in a way to make each of you feel safe.


2) What does one need to wear?

Something comfortable! You’ll be learning a bit of Shibari and that requires you to sit on the floor. No jeans!


3) What else do I need to bring?

For your maximum comfort, we suggest a yoga mat and a cussion! If you don’t have a yoga mat, that’s fine, bring something comfortable to sit on.


4) Is this event child friendly?

Not this time around unfortunately. Grab a sitter! Participants must be 18 years and older.


5) Will there be nudity?

As much as we are about liberation, this is not a free the nipple type space.


6) Will there be food and drinks available or do I need to bring my own?

We have a stocked bar, with alcohol, soft drinks, teas and coffee. Additionally you’re able to order delicious sushi from Plushi!


7) Is this a cash friendly zone?

Cash and card facilities will be available & we have some exciting pop ups joining us incase you’d like to take something cute home with you.


8.) What about the timing of this workshop?

The workshop will start promptly at 6:30pm so please arrive between 5:30 – 6pm.


9) How does consent work in a space like this?

As it should always! No coercion . A NO is a full sentence and we encourage you to ask before engaging with anyone. Want to chat? Ask! Want somebody to help you undo a tie? Ask!


10) Am I allowed to take photos?

We understand this is a new experience but we ask you to please be aware of anyone (not from your crew) in the photographs. We circle back to consent here.


11) How is the parking situation?

We encourage you to Uber to this one! Whilst our venue is absolutely gorgeous inside, we are mindful that this is Woodstock. Limited road side parking available.


12) Are there bathrooms on site?

Absolutely! We also have a courtyard area outside for those that partake in the use of tobacco


13.) Do you need experience in Shibari for this?

Absolutely not. This event is for the novice! We want to introduce you into a world of wonder. A safe space that is inclusive, educating and playful.

We are facilitating a space of safety and exploration. If at all you feel you need support, please do not hesitate to reach out to the team. 

Please note tickets are non refundable.