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Cooking Class by  Chef Ping
27th January – 11am
Valletta Design Cluster, Valletta

Embark on a culinary journey into the heart of modern Asian cuisine with Chef Ping as your guide in this immersive and hands-on cooking class. Discover and master contemporary cooking techniques that bring a fresh and innovative twist to traditional flavors. Get ready to elevate your culinary skills while indulging in the artistry of crafting delectable dishes that showcase the essence of modern Asian gastronomy.

Join Chef Ping for an enriching experience where you’ll not only learn, but also savor the fusion of tradition and innovation in every bite.

Chef Ping Lim

Chef Ping is a firm believer that everyone can craft impressive, healthy, and delicious dishes from the comfort of their own kitchen. “I grew up learning that Asian food is one of the easiest to prepare, once you have the right ingredients and cooking techniques in place.

Born in Malaysia, relocated to Australia at the age of 8, growing up in a Peranakan kitchen—a fusion of Malay and Chinese cuisine. Her family, with a heritage of chefs, maintained a balance between traditional cooking and incorporating Australia’s fresh produce. Ping’s early role as “the garnishing girl” in family restaurants is evident in her love for beautifully plated dishes.

With a career spanning over 25 years as an executive producer in advertising, Ping seamlessly combines her work ethic, design sensibilities, and passion for cooking.

The Details:

Participants will commence their experience with a contemporary asian tea ceremony, followed by a hands-on cooking class led by Chef Ping. Students will delve into the art of mastering chilli garlic prawns paired with the finesse of crafting rice paper rolls.


Date: 27th January, 11.00am
Location: Valletta Design Cluster, Valletta.
Price: €50
Limited to 10 participants.

Terms and Conditions

These terms are here to keep things spicy yet smooth. By booking, you’re agreeing to waltz through the kitchen with us.

All you need to know

Bookings: Reserve your spot by booking through the online form. Once received, you will be sent a  direct payment link. Bookings can be canceled with a tear-free goodbye up to 48 hours before.

Cancellations: Life happens, we get it! If you need to cancel, do it with pizzazz and let us know 48 hours prior. Within 48 hours of the event, bookings are as steadfast as grandma’s secret recipe – non-refundable, but always unforgettable!

Allergies: If you’ve got food allergies, give us a heads up! We’ll do our best to accommodate, but please note we can’t guarantee an allergen-free kitchen.

Media: We love capturing the magic! By attending, you grant us permission to snap photos and maybe even share your happy cooking face on our social media.

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