The Disposable Traditions exhibition looks at how cultural stories and traditions can be fleeting in today’s fast-paced world.

Artists can submit works that blend “Disposable Traditions” with “Junk Culture.” The aim is to make us think about how fragile cultural practices are and what happens when we ignore our heritage.

There’s a 20 euro submission fee, but all submissions come with a free tote bag.


Artists are invited to portray lost cultural stories in a “scrapyard of lost narratives.” Their artworks can show bits of forgotten tales, symbols, and memories, mirroring discarded items in today’s consumer culture. Works submitted need to be created specifically for the show. 

The exhibition aims to unite overlooked or forgotten cultural narratives, stressing the need to protect diverse stories.

Artists are urged to find inspiration in the contrast of cultural artifacts amidst neglect, showcasing the results of disregarding traditions and the value diversity adds to our shared heritage.

What is offered to selected artists?

Selected Artists will be featured in the collective exhibition, be invited to the official opening, and get a chance to be represented by the Bored Peach Club, through the upcoming online shop. 

Who can enter?

The call is open to all artists, age 18 and over. 

What mediums are accepted?

Illustration, Design, Photography, AI Artworks.

When is the deadline?

Submissions must be received by 10pm 30th April 2024.

What does it cost?

Entry fee is €20 for one project, that is between 1-3 images. All entries, even past ones, will receive a Bored Peach Club Tote Bag as a thank you for supporting the club. 

If I am not selected, will the submission fee be refunded?

No, submissions fees are not refunable. 

What If I am selected but forget to reply?

Once contacted, you will be given a week to confirm or otherwise. If for some reason we do not receive any communication from the artist, we will proceed with other artists.

What are some important things to note?

The Bored Peach Club reserves the right to terminate the call at any time if there are insufficient applicants.